Macedonia topographic maps

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Macedonia > Pelagonia Region > Bitola

Bitola, Municipality of Bitola, Pelagonia Region, 7000, Macedonia

Average elevation: 713 m

Lake Ohrid

Macedonia > Southwestern Region

Lake Ohrid, Municipality of Ohrid, Southwestern Region, 6330, Macedonia

Average elevation: 959 m


Macedonia > Polog Region > Rostusha

Rostusha, Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusha, Polog Region, Macedonia

Average elevation: 1,209 m

Tikvesh Lake

Macedonia > Vardar Region

Tikvesh Lake, Minicipality of Kavadarci, Vardar Region, Macedonia

Average elevation: 631 m


Macedonia > Southwestern Region > Broshtica

Стогово, Broshtica, Municipality of Centar Zhupa, Southwestern Region, Macedonia

Average elevation: 1,882 m

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