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Mount Lebanon

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Mount Lebanon, Miniyeh-Danniyeh District, North Governorate, Lebanon (34.29000 36.09200)

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Name: Mount Lebanon topographic map, elevation, relief.
Coordinates: 34.28995 36.09195 34.29005 36.09205
Minimum elevation: 6,571 ft
Maximum elevation: 10,132 ft
Average elevation: 8,753 ft

Mount Lebanon

Mount Lebanon (Arabic: جَبَل لُبْنَان‎, jabal lubnān, Lebanese Arabic pronunciation: ; Syriac: ܛܘܪ ܠܒܢܢ‎, ṭūr levnon, Western Syriac pronunciation: ) is a mountain range in Lebanon. It averages above 2,500 m (8,200 ft) in elevation.

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