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Tbilisi, 0136, Georgia (41.69346 44.80145)

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Name: Tbilisi topographic map, elevation, relief.
Coordinates: 41.53346 44.64145 41.85346 44.96145
Minimum elevation: 935 ft
Maximum elevation: 6,201 ft
Average elevation: 2,497 ft


Most of the raions are named after historic quarters of the city. The citizens of Tbilisi widely recognise an informal system of smaller historic neighbourhoods. Such neighbourhoods are several, however, constituting a kind of hierarchy, because most of them have lost their distinctive topographic limits. The natural first level of subdivision of the city is into the Right Bank and the Left Bank of the Mt'k'vari. The names of the oldest neighbourhoods go back to the early Middle Ages and sometimes pose a great linguistic interest. The newest whole-built developments bear chiefly residential marketing names.

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